Commercial Storage With MI-BOX

Commercial Storage

Business owners in the Triad know that renting office or retail space can be expensive. Many businesses need additional space for documents, promotional materials, extra office supplies, excess or seasonal inventory, and other miscellaneous items.

The cost of renting additional office space just for storage is prohibitive. Fortunately, a reasonable and affordable solution with MI-BOX commercial storage exists. MI-BOX portage storage containers can stay on your premises or be stored at our secure storage facility.

Complete Projects Quicker and More Profitably

Use MI-BOX mobile storage for your next project to keep materials and equipment accessible, on-site, and secure. Tools and other equipment remain safe while working on a job site – no need to transport everything back and forth each day.

Make storage a bonus for your customers. MI-BOX delivers a container to the project Advance before your start date. The customer loads the weatherproof, secure container in preparation for your arrival. When your crew arrives, they get to work without delays or shifting items from room to room. Leave the container in the driveway, or we can bring it back to our facility. 

When your work is done, the customer empties the container, and we pick it up. Your crews get quickly on their way to the next job, and you have a satisfied customer.


How can I use a MI-BOX?

MI-BOX portable storage containers are versatile. Store items on-site for off-season storage, renovations or general storage due to lack of space.

How does MI-BOX make projects easier?

Keep your materials and equipment accessible, on-site and secure during a project.

How does it work?

We deliver an 8’, 16’ or 20’ sturdy, weatherproof container to your Advance and place it exactly where you need it. You load it up during your project. After you’re done, we’ll come pick it back up. Or you can load it up and we’ll take it away to our secure storage Advance. Then we’ll deliver it back to you when you need it.

Several Sizes to Choose

Get convenient storage containers delivered directly to your place of business whenever it’s suitable for you. Containers are available in three sizes, 8′, 16′, and 20′. Decide which size is right for you. Need multiple containers? It’s easy. Pack the MI-BOX mobile container at your own pace and how you like it. Once the container is full, you can also decide whether to store it at your Advance, or we can pick up a full container and store it in our secure facility. 

Our patented LeveLift delivery system keeps items level and safe during transit. The container is secured with a lock, so you can always be sure the contents are safe. Each weatherproof container keeps out the elements and allows 24/7 access at your Advance.

Is your company on the move? All your commercial moving and storage needs are just a phone call away. 

MI-BOX is the source for the ultimate versatility and convenience for your business storage needs. Click or call us to learn more about our secure storage solutions.