Residential Storage With MI-BOX

Residential Storage

MI-BOX mobile storage containers make it easy to find a place to store your belongings when planning to remodel, move, downsize, or have a yard sale! Whether you have many items or only a few important pieces of furniture, you’ll find a MI-BOX that fits your needs. Containers are available in 8′, 16′, or 20′ sizes and are delivered to your site using state-of-the-art LevelLift technology. When you’re ready to move your items to a new Advance or no longer need additional storage space, we will pick up the container.

Home Remodeling 

Whether you just bought a fixer-upper or you are planning a major remodel of your current home, removing your household goods and storing them in a container is an excellent decision. While the contractors are taking down walls and sanding drywall, you will know your precious possessions are safe in the portable storage container at your home. If your child discovers their favorite stuffed animal was packed with the rest of the toys, you can easily access your MI-BOX and save the day.

Storage For Your Student

What’s better than having the kids back from college? If you said, “not having to move their stuff back into your home,” you got an A. Renting a mobile storage unit is the perfect answer to keep dorm items safe and tucked away until school starts again. Instead of hauling everything back and forth from home to college – just store your container at our facility. You will still have access to the items if you need it.

Downsizing and Estate Sale Organization

For years, you’ve collected a variety of furniture and unique pieces to decorate your home. Sometimes when the kids move out of the house and start a life of their own, you may find that downsizing your home sounds like a pretty good idea. When you start taking that on, schedule a MI-BOX to be placed in your driveway or yard. You can take the time to examine your belongings and prepare them for sale or decide if you want to keep a particular item. Knowing that all your belongings are in waterproof and locked containers nearby gives you peace of mind as you transition to a simpler lifestyle.

Flood/Storm Restoration

Disaster can strike your home or business with little or no warning, leaving your belongings unprotected. MI-BOX can help by providing secure, on-site storage for your property while the professionals work on restoration.

Garage Makeovers

Let us deliver a secure, weatherproof container to your home. Then load it just by walking from the garage to the container and lock it up when you’re away. Your tools, bicycles and lawn equipment are stored safely during your project, but close by so that you can access them conveniently.


Do you have so much stuff you’re not sure where to start? Tackle a bit at a time by storing excess belongings with MI-BOX at your home or our Advance.

MI-BOX Triad is locally owned and operated. Call today for all of your mobile storage needs.